We are a Global Methodist Congregation.  That simply means that we are conservative in our theology, and very liberal with our love. 

We believe in the power and love of God.  As we grow in Him as disciples, we find answers to life’s questions and life’s difficulties.  

We believe that community is everything.  Community that exists within the church to lift one another up and do life together, and community that is made up of our neighbors and friends.  We feel that we are strategically placed in our part of Bartow County to serve our community.   

We believe that the Bible in God’s inspired Word and that it is the source of authority which guides our lives.  We believe that Salvation is found in the person of Jesus Christ and through Him we believe in the power of the Holy Spirit operating through His people.  

We believe that every person is of value to God and to us. 

We believe that God is a very real God for very real people. 

We believe that whether you make Faith your home or not, you will be blessed by getting to know us.