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Easter! So what?

Now obviously I am being a bit antagonistic with that statement to Christians, but I am strongly convinced that many in our culture would have no issue with it.

I could make the case for a lost world that doesn’t know the power that resurrection brings as well as the power of the enemy to blind eyes to God’s Good News. However, I could also make the case for many who are in the church who seem to have a low understanding of the importance of Easter and resurrection.

In just a few days churches will be filled to overflowing with people who know that they should come to church on Easter. It is an important tradition and a day that even the most fair- weather church member cannot ignore. There will be singing and the telling of an empty tomb, new clothes, families sitting together, lots of smiles and good to see-you moments, and it will feel glorious. Then, as quickly as it began, it will be over, and chairs and pews will be abandoned a week later. Homage has been paid and guilt assuaged.

That is what the world sees when we say Easter. Even the church barely gives resurrection a second look.

I am going to make a couple of statements here with no juice added:

1.The resurrection of Jesus changed the world forever.

2.The resurrection of Jesus changed me forever.

The power of God was displayed in that moment as a gift that goes beyond our comprehension. I want to invite you to celebrate this Sunday with full knowledge of what God has done. Our lives depend on the resurrection. Instead of “So what?”, why not “Praise God!!”. Why not make Easter a time of your own resurrection? Recommit to who He is and what He has called you to be. Step into the new life and be a part of a movement that shows the world the true
power of resurrection!