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There is no one on the planet that does not understand the experience of strong feelings. Whether those feelings be about sports, family, situationally launched, or anything else. Love, hate, passion, anger, lust, greed, desire and so on. Our feelings can be so strong that at times they take over. “Before I knew it I was screaming.”

The question becomes, is there anything wrong with having strong feelings? The answer is a decided no! Feelings are never a problem. We have them because God created us to enjoy, be warned, experience life to the fullest measure, and enjoy our relationship with Him.

So, why do they get me in trouble sometimes?

Feelings are important and should always be acknowledged. However, they are not always appropriate in every situation. They are indicators and guides, but not always the part of us that should be making decisions. I may be overwhelmed with joy at the new car I just test-drove, but the reality of a budget may need to win the day and say it is not for me. I may be extremely hurt by a friend's action, but acting before I hear an explanation may end a friendship.

You see, feelings are very important, but they don’t need to drive the ship. They need to beheard, validated, and t hen instructed and led.

This is so important in our walk with God. There are times in every follower’s journey when they are not feeling it, or they are mad with God, or on fire for time, or just blah for a season. If our feelings dictate our actions, then we are going to be very fair-weather followers. Relationship requires discipline and care. The wonderful part is that when we commit to this, we find depths of emotions that we would have never known otherwise.

I can ask you how you are feeling and really care about your answer. I can also encourage you to move forward in your relationship with God regardless of your feelings today, and watch you grow in depth and power. Feel what you feel! Just don’t let the feelings drive the ship!