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Have you ever gone to a show or seen a movie and described it as life-changing? In reality, what we are saying at that moment is that it created an impactful experience and made a deep impression on us. Did it change our lives? Maybe it refocused us, but rarely have turn arounds been attributed to a moving story.

This begs the question of Easter. Is it a good story that we tell once a year that moves us and elicits some emotional response? Or could it be the catalyst for something so much more? As good as the story is, the fact that the event was the most liberating moment in history should tell us that Easter is so much more than a story. It is the fulfillment of the promise God made to restore us and free us.

If you walked away from yesterday with a warm fuzzy feeling,  that is great. However, if you failed to take away the potential that the resurrection of Jesus has for your life, then that is tragic. How does one get a fresh start at any point in life that will last and matter? The answer is found in the resurrection. If God could keep a promise that was thousands of years old and stick to a plan without deviation for that long, wouldn’t you think He can help you with your life?

I urge you to take Easter beyond a date on the calendar. Reach out today and talk to God and let Him know that you want to walk in His plan for your life. I only recommend this if you are looking for peace, joy, freedom, love and things like that. His way is full of these things.

Need a fresh start? Start at the empty tomb!