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I want you to do a little time travel with me. Let’s go way back to a time and place where television was filled with variety shows. There was one, in particular called “Hee Haw”. Now I am way too young to remember much about it, cough cough, but I do recall one bit they did every week. Three inebriated men would sing a song called “If It Weren’t for Bad Luck I’d Have No Luck At All”. Part of the song contained the words, “gloom, despair, and agony on me!”

Obviously, it was a humorous bit, but I thought about fast-forwarding to today and how those sentiments now seem commonplace for so many. Stress, anxiety and depression seem so normal now. Medications for these things are talked about as easily and as often as we used to talk about aspirin. The world has ramped up in these areas.

Does the Bible deal with such things? Is being a Christian enough? The answers are yes and no. The Bible does deal with anxiety and related issues, but just being a Christian is not all the answer. Being saved and in Christ is the right place to start, but those little” read a verse” moments do not address the whole issue.

The Bible talks of abiding with God. Staying close to God. Listening to God. Growing in relationship to God. Worshiping God. All these things have to do with true discipleship. Just coming to church and being a believer and reading a verse in the midst of crisis is simply not going to cut it.

The Bible also talks of gifts and talents. We are blessed to have medical professionals and counselors and pastors whom God has provided to help us through these dark times. God does not magically make our problems go away, but He does walk us into places of healing and help.

The key is to lean into Him and grow the one relationship that has the ability to see you through any problem. God is very real and His promises are very secure. Stress and anxiety tempt us to reach for other things in our pain, but God is and always will be the answer.

If you struggle at any level with any of these issues, please be brave enough to reach out and find help. We are a community and called to do life together.