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I hear the school kids counting down the days until the end of school. I have a couple of friends who are close to retirement, and they can tell me how many days and hours, until they walk away from the work they have done.  There is something about having a measurable finish line that gets us through things.

If you don’t believe me, think about the times when you or someone you know didn’t have a measurable finish line.  Not knowing how long it will take to pay off debt.  Not knowing how long chemo will last.  Not knowing if something will ever heal.  Not knowing if a relationship will ever be mended.  The unending, ongoing is so much more difficult.

I think that is why Jesus’ words on the cross, “It is finished” are so vital to our daily faith.  In that moment He accomplished everything the Father set out for Him to do.  Sin was broken and we once again had access and relationship to the Father.  

What that means is that we also have all power and hope to know that there are no unending problems in this life.  They may seem that way at times, but because of what Jesus became to us through the cross, we always have a solid hope that He will see us through. 

We may not be able to set a countdown, but we always have the ability to worship knowing that we are safe in His hands.  That may sound simplistic, but the reality of His power overcomes all no win, unending scenarios.  He truly is our great deliverer.