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There are voices everywhere. Voices on our television, radio, social media platforms, voices in the stores, voices in our homes, voices everywhere. Then there are the silent voices. Voices of our conscience, voices of our past, voices that proclaim our needs and wants. Voices, voices, voices!!

Quite frankly, it can be maddening at times. However, most of the time we have learned to live into the noise of all the voices and make it somewhat normal. We don’t function well in this normal, we don’t learn well in this normal, and we certainly don’t listen well in this normal. But we do what we must do.


My question is this. Do we have to accept this fate and live in a loud and confusing existence?


The problem for the Jesus follower is that the one voice we need to hear can at times be lost il the other voices. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” This is what Paul tells us in Romans 10. So, if faith comes by hearing and we are having trouble listening, then we have a problem.

The problem is that we not only have a listening problem, we have a faith problem. Follow the thread. If we have a faith problem, then how are we to become the church God wants us to be? Our new so-called normal is hindering us from being Kingdom builders.

This is why worship, prayer and meditation are so very critical in the life of a Jesus follower. We must carve out time and use the practices that God has given us to hear His voice. It is not easy, especially with all the voices and noise in our world, but it is possible! And it is most definitely worth it!

Transformation takes place when we are able to hear and follow His voice.