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I have often made the comment that human beings are easily manipulated.  That is proven in every marketing scheme, every political strategy, and even in religion.   For thousands of years people have been swaying people to do what they want.  Even the religious leaders in Jesus’ day knew how to work a crowd to get them to shout “crucify”.  

In today’s world we have plenty of tools to spread the manipulation of our culture.  With an election year coming up, we will only see this increase to ridiculous levels.  The thing that is concerning is how easily those behind the scenes can draft up a plan for hate and then make it a reality.  

We don’t say “I disagree”.  We don’t use phrases like “you have a right to your opinion”.  We are prodded to jump right to hatred.   We hate the other party.  We are triggered by celebrations by different groups, whether it be Pride Month, Black History Month, or a rally by one political party or the other.  Recently we have found that we can make the jump by talking about other Christians who choose a different denomination.

Nowhere is scripture is hatred acceptable except when it comes to hating sin and its consequences.  We are called to love one another in all instances.  We don’t get to pick and choose!

Now, that does not mean we have to agree.  That does not mean we have to like something.  That does not mean we don’t  advocate for righteousness.  That does not mean that we cannot get angry.   It does mean that we do it all in the love of Jesus.  

Don’t let the media or social media change the heart that Jesus gave you.  We can pray for others, we can pray for our leaders and our country, we can pray for our churches, we can even pray for one another.  What we cannot do is hate!  

“Dear friends, let us love on another, for love comes from God.  Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.   Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” -I John 4:7-8

People get paid a lot of money to get you to hate.  God gave us His Son so that we could see a better way.  I think I like His plan best!