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Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest golfer to ever play, tells of being dropped off at that golf course early in life to just practice. He was, of course, something of a prodigy, but I think there is something to his statement for all of us. If you want to be good at golf, hang around the golf course!

The same can be true of any area of life. If you want to be a good carpenter, hang around builders. If you want to be a good dancer, hang out at the studio. If you want to live life in a way that is different than the world, hang around the church!

People say all the time that going to church is not a requirement to being a Christian. To be honest, they are right. However, to be a functional and growing Christian, I believe that the church is imperative.

You can learn to study the Bible on your own. You can worship to a degree on your own. What you cannot do is learn to do life with other Christians on your own. Even as dysfunctional as the church can be at times, there is still something amazing in how we do life together. From accountability, to caring, to sharing, and to the loving way we support one another, it is all a bit different than anywhere else.

For this dynamic to be fully functional, it needs all its parts. In other words, we are better when we all show up. We each bring gifts and talents and empathies that are needed in the life of the Church. I am not talking about boards and usher teams, I am talking about real life stuff that we do in the name of Jesus. Sometimes our very presence is a ministry to someone.

If you want to be a great Christian, hang out at the Church! There is always something
happening that will make you sharper and stronger. It is good to do this life in Christ together.
Let’s all help make one another better by showing up and sharing life.